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Cool Links 16 May 2007 07:43 am

Another YouTube Like Site For Pr0n: Str8Up

A few days ago I listed a few YouTube like sites for porn, well I found another good resource:

Granted, it’s not all porn. More like YouTube with very little censoring. Still, it’s a fast site with plenty of smut for you if you do a search.

Cool Links 15 May 2007 09:04 am

Best Porn Torrent Site?


Ever want to use BitTorrent some porn, but can’t fine a site that’s more than just ads? Well, you could use TorrentSpy:

But I’ve had mixed results with that. In the past, a lot of the porn videos on TorrentSpywere were just DRMed crap that wanted you to buy a license, not free smut at all.

My personal favorite BitTorrent site for porn is BMTorrents:

Yes, you have to sign up, and you must keep a minimum share ration or you will get banned, but that is why it’s such a good site. These policies keep hit an runners as well as spammer out.

Cool Links 14 May 2007 06:54 am

Ahh, Girls with Glasses

I don’t know why it’s so popular with the geek set, but I too love porn where the girls wear spectacles. It seems to be quite common these days, what with series like “Specsappeal” and “Fuckin’ Nerds”. If you are into this genre, check out the following video on YouPron:

Geeky Girl With Glasses

I think it will be to your licking, uh, I mean liking.

Cool Links 13 May 2007 07:23 pm

HaXXXor Review


Women talking tech and playing with each other, sounds pretty good right? HaXXor describes
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Cool Links 13 May 2007 02:05 pm

Youtube for porn?

One of the great things about Youtube it the chance it gives users to share videos with each other, be it something they made themselves or quick little clips from other media they like. Also, one of the big advantages of the Flash Video Format (FLV) is that people can start watching as soon as they start downloading, and since most people have Flash installed these days there’s no codec hell to worry about.

Ok, so Youtube is great, but what about porn? Are there any good porn sites that are set up somewhat like Youtube? I can think of three:

Porn Tube

Pretty nice site I guess, but most of the videos look like quick promos for other porn sites. I do have to give them props for good quality video considering they are using FLV files. The site seems very slow, and while that is somewhat true of all of them, Porn Tube
Seems the worst.

You Porn

My personal favorite of the bunch, since it seems to have longer clips in general. Another nice feature is that if you like the steaming video, you can easily download the FLV with the provided link. Most other sites make you resort to using a video downloader plugin for your browser of you want to save the content to your hard drive.

X Tube

Pretty much all promos for DVDs or videos you can buy, but sometime even trailers can be pretty cool. Also, there’s a lot of gay porn on the site so avert your eyes if that’s not your thing (Not that there’s anything wrong with that().