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Cool Links 13 May 2007 07:23 pm

HaXXXor Review


Women talking tech and playing with each other, sounds pretty good right? HaXXor describes itself as follows:

HaXXXor Volume 2

This First-Of-It’s-Kind DVD contains some excellent scenes.
We begin with the HaXXXor’s Advocate, a tongue and cheek Hacker Q&A.
Then we pay a special homage to the DES to AES switch over.
Following that, two hot HaXXXor Girls explain buffer overflows.
Then we go into a sexy look at using NMap.
Our erotic audit continues with a nude tutorial on Ettercap.
Then we get a strip tease education on John The Ripper.
Closing the main feature we do NAKED DUMPSTER DIVING!
Included on the disk are also some elite extra features.

HaXXXor Volume 2: Fear of an 8-bit Planet i

Clip One: Opening Sequence
This is the opening sequence to HaXXXor Volume 2: Fear of an 8-bit Planet.

FBI Anti-Privacy Warning, Opening Theme, Cast Crew and Shouts.
Clip Two: How We Find Our Models
The most common question we are asked is: how do you find your models. In this clip we attempt to answer it!
Clip Three: The HaXXXor’s Advocate
Do you have questions? Do you need answers? Then the HaXXXor’s Advocate is here for you!
Clip Four: The 7 Layer OSI Network Model Striptease
Watch this clip a few times, and I’ll bet you never forget the 7 Layer OSI Network Model again!

Application Presentation Session Transport Network Data Link Physical – We’ve got it all baby!
Clip Five: Counting in Binary, Decimal and HexDecimal
All your bases are bleong to us.

The Binary Babe shows you how to count in Binary, Decimal and Hex, and conversions are included!
Clip Six: Digital Logic
After Lucy Logic reveals her inputs, we can construct some truth tables, and see what’s behind her logic gate.
Clip Seven: Phone Sex
Sometimes love Hertz. However, when you combine two tones, it’s time to dial. So take it off and hook up!
Clip Eight: Sexy Smurf Attack
You’ve never seen a webserver get smurfed this way before!
Special Features
Clip S-One: Painting The Smurfs
This clip features a demonstration of one of the more pleasant ways of turning blue.
Clip S-Two: HaXXXor’s Guide To Women
Our handy guide on how to treat women at a hacker convention, or anywhere else for that matter.
Clip S-Three: Pirate P2P
This clip features a frank discussion on file sharing with our very own P2P Pirate. Argggg!
Clip S-Four: Lady Debug Becomes The Binary Babe
Upon finding out that there was someone out there with the handle Lady Debug, we changed our Lady Debug in to the Binary Babe.
Clip S-Five: Defcon Jacuzzi
We stayed in style at the Alexis Park for Defcon 11, when we released HaXXXor Volume 1: No Longer Floppy. Here’s the girls in one of the two Jacuzzi style tubs that they had in our suite.
HaXXXor Volume 2 Director’s Commentary The following Cast and Crew have joined the HaXXXor 2 project:

Flashlie, Elita, Zero Day Grrrl, The Binary Babe, Blondie Smurf, Reddie Smurf, The Server, Lucy Logic, Code Red and Mollycule

Severed Dreams – Creator, Executive Producer, Director, Editor, Script Writer, Cameraman

Mr Chainsawbeer – Co-Creator, Casting Director, Director of Photography, Cameraman

The Bugness – Assistant Casting Director, Extra, Sign Holder

Blue Fairy – Camerawoman

Yes Man – Administrative Assistant to the Executive Producer, Extra

Buttons – Security, Logistics, Driver, Extra


Yes Man – Extra

Josh – Extra

Vol 3 is suppose to be in preproduction, but the last data posted about it was in 2005. From reading the page, it seems that they can’t use Paypal for payments online, so that’s put a crimp in Internet orders. Who knows, this may change in the future, in the mean time I’m not sure how you will find a copy besides P2p. They say you can pick it up at a con they exhibit at, but their con list also has not been update since 2005.

Unfortunately, HaXXXor is not for everyone. If you are use to the modern porn model, most of these women will seem a little plain or chubby (they used the best models for all of the promo art). Some of the models are cute, but most are not my cup of tea. Also, all of the action is softcore lesbian stuff, and it’s painfully obvious that the women know little about computer security and are just reading a script.

Anyway, if this sounds of interest to you, check it out at:

Enjoy cracking that box!

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